What do you get when you run teeth across a comb?

Music in a Box

The music box we’ve been featuring in our live performances of The Only now has a new home! Don’t worry – it’s not with another group. Rather, our movement is housed in a beautiful new custom case fashioned by the music box’s actual creator, Jonathan Herz of the Herz Music Box Company. Beyond the iron & beveled glass aesthetics, the case will serve to protect the instrument’s ridiculously fragile teeth and comb – the parts that actually that give the movement it’s melody. In addition, the case will help to isolate the movement’s sound from the rest of the group in live performance. The seemingly simple project has actually been in the works for several years, so we’re excited to see it finally come to fruition! We’re looking forward to playing The Only and featuring our newest toy with you the next time we’re in the area.

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