Condition Blue: The Acoustics of Aquatics

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CORDIS is excited to announce its commitment to a multi-phase recording and touring project exploring the creative sonic and visual possibilities water, fire, and earth. The project was conceived by CORDIS’ primary composer and cimbalist, Richard Grimes, “to deliver audiences an array of sights and sounds they’ve never experienced before.” CORDIS will begin the first phase of the project, titled Condition Blue, with a focus on the element of water.

The ensemble is currently in the sound creation process of Condition Blue – developing a program which artfully weaves the group’s newly developed water-instruments and timbres into the annals of both classic and new CORDIS repertoire. Once the program is crystallized this fall, the ensemble will transition into the production phase with their tech team. In the Fall of 2021, audiences will be able experience the breathtaking visuals of water music coming to life before their eyes!

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